Creșterea comportamentului de imitație grosieră la copiii diagnosticați cu TSA- articol în RJPS

Pentru numărul actual al revistei Romanian Journal of Psychological Studies, am scris un articol despre motricitatea grosieră și creșterea acestui comportament la copiii cu autism. Vă invit să parcurgeți rezumatul iar dacă vă trezește interes, articolul complet apare în numărul de octombrie al revistei Romanian Journal of Psychological Studies disponibil aici.


Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder experience a difficulty in the
ability to imitate spontaneous behavior and actions seen to others. This study reveals that
children with autism can learn generalized imitation behavior with an intensive
intervention, therefore the paper examines the effectiveness of motor imitation teaching by
using gestures, games and songs with 10 children diagnosed with autism. The study
demonstrates the fact that a child with autism can learn the imitation behavior when using
other additional procedures during a certain period of time. The approach was general in
order to find which method of prompt, games and songs were efficient in facilitating the
generalization. Teaching motor imitation can be challenging because it needs a special
attention to the process and is a very important step in the behavioral evolution of children
with autism. The results showed an imitation behavior to certain actions that weren’t
present at the beginning in the experiment.

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